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Go ahead, take your tits out

We are all familiar with the Time Magazine cover with the image of a woman breastfeeding a young man standing on a stool.  The associated story is obviously about how long is too long.  Since we all know I like to cut to the shit, I really only have one opinion on the subject.  If [...]

The day of realization

A very common phrase thrown around pregnancy and abortion circles is “the day of conception.” Very few people I know with kids care much about this term or it’s meaning, yet we all remember our day of realization. The day we realized it was all about to come crashing down. The day everything we’d accomplished [...]

You’re Not A Victim, You’re Just Fat

This week a chubby weather girl who lives somewhere off my radar went viral when she cried “Bully” on the air.  It’s worth mentioning that she didn’t get bullied.  What she got was a nasty note from an over opinionated asshole.  Allowing her to stand on her pedestal of victimization is sending the wrong message.  [...]

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